The International Conference on Fisheries Engineering 2019 (ICFE2019) @Nagasaki, Japan (Sep. 2019)


The International Conference on Fisheries Engineering 2019 (ICFE2019): Realizing a Healthy Ecosystem and Sustainable Use of the Seas and Oceans, which will be held in


Nagasaki (Japan), 21-24 September 2019


The ICFE2019 is sponsored by the Japanese Society of Fisheries Engineering and co-sponsored by Nagasaki University. This international conference will review today’s Fisheries Engineering research and discuss the future direction of research and is also aimed at encouraging the future generations of young men and women in the field. The ICFE2019 has set the theme “Marine Renewable Energy and Fisheries Engineering” and will hold a one-day symposium on this topic. Leading scientists on the theme will present achievements of their investigations.


Please visit the ICFE2019 official site at http://www.jsfe.gr.jp/icfe2019.


The Chair of the Organizing Committee
Shinya Otake






 日本水産工学会は海と海の健全な生態系と持続可能な利用の実現を目指す「水産工学に関する国際会議2019(ICFE 2019)」を2019年9月21~24日,長崎大学(長崎市)において開催します。


 詳しくは ICFE2019公式ホームページ をご覧ください。


ICFE2019組織委員長 大竹臣哉