Symposium (23 Sept)

Marine Renewable Energy and Fisheries Engneering

Contents are subject to change

Time Presenter Affiliation Presentation title
09:30 Shigenobu TAKEDA Director, Organization for Marine Science and Technology, Nagasaki Univ. Japan Opening remark
09:45 Hideaki NAKATA Emeritus professor, Nagasaki Univ. Japan Keynote: Habitat-creation potential is a key issue of the sustainable development of marine renewable energy
10:30 Jan MATTHIESEN Director, The Carbon Trust, UK Criteria for planning MRE
11:00 Hsin-Ming YEH Division Chief, Fisheries Research Institute, Taiwan How to keep the balance between supporting fisheries and developing offshore wind energy: A preliminary study in Taiwan
11:30 Daisuke KITAZAWA Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan Collision risk assessment of marine organisms to the tidal energy facilities
12:00 Lunch break
13:30 Benjamin WILLIAMSON Lead Scientist, Environmental Research Institute University of the Highlands and Islands, UK Interaction of MRE and marine organisms: Active acoustic assessment
14:00 Itsumi NAKAMURA Assistant professor, Organization for Marine Science and Technology, Nagasaki Univ. Japan Interaction of MRE and marine organisms: Passive acoustic assessment
14:30 Michael POL Senior Marine Fisheries Biologist, Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, US Offshore wind energy and the fishing industry in NE USA
15:15 Shinji KIRIHARA Professor, Institute of Regional Innovation, Hirosaki Univ. Japan Voices of fishers for Offshore Wind Farm developmen
15:45 Jun MIYOSHI Principal researcher, National Research Institute of Fisheries Engineering, Japan Electric fishng boat: utilization of MRE for fisheries
16:15 Wrap-up